Mini Golf

We are involved in many different event formats and have found a proven and successful way to
provide this great attraction without a high cost.



Putt Putt Golf is always a favorite among kids and adults. Everyone knows it As Portable Mini Golf. Our custom-made nine-hole miniature golf is designed to be challenging, fun and portable, in each hole, you will require to complete a different obstacle while you try to navigate the ball through windmills, lighthouses, and more, making it great for all ages and skill levels.

Each hole in our Mini Golf set comes in a separate unit, so we can be set up almost anywhere in a variety of spaces, indoor, or outdoors from office spaces to Jim’s, parks and backyards, making it a perfect fit for birthday parties, schools, churches, fundraisers, company events, picnics, festivals, carnivals, and more.

Our nine-hole portable mini golf course have been handcrafted with props such as 4 foot high lighthouses, 4 foot high windmills, three-foot high ocean buoys, 4 foot wishing wells to name a few.

Each hole has its own unique obstacle to real is challenging for children and adults. Holes can be configured in different ways depending on your space provided. Minimum space required for all nine holes is 30’x30’ square. However, if space is limited. We also rent 3 hole or 6 hole configurations. We will do the setup and have in hand Everything you will need for your miniature golf rental, from putters and different colored golf balls to the scorecard and pencils.