Coconut Tree Climb

We are involved in many different event formats and have found a proven and successful way to
provide this great attraction without a high cost.


THE MOBILE COCONUT TREE CLIMB Our MOBILE COCONUT TREE CLIMB is 26’ tall. 3 climbers can climb at a time. Each climber will have its own coconut tree to climb. When all three climbers are ready to climb. The display LED TIMER (CLOCK) button is pushed. Each climber races to the top of their coconut tree. The first one that reaches the top and pushes the buzzer are declared the winner. The display LED TIMER (CLOCK) will display their climbing time. This is Extremely competitive. This is a great climbing experience for Children and Adults. Everybody loves racing against the clock. You can set up races to see who climbs the fastest or set up a competition during your event. To climb the COCONUT TREE the climbers must weigh 40 pounds all the way up to 250 pounds. Our coconut trees are challenging and easy to climb. Each COCONUT TREE has textured trunks to grab on, an additional handhelds every 2 feet. All climbers will wear an adjustable climbing harness that will be attached to each COCONUT TREE. Experience the WOW FACTOR!