Laser Tag

We are involved in many different event formats and have found a proven and successful way to
provide this great attraction without a high cost.



The great thing about laser tag is it can be played with kids or adults. Up to 8 people can play at one time. Players compete in teams to find and tag their opponents using high-tech lasers. We have two different types of laser tag arenas either arena can be placed and used indoors or outdoors. One of the arenas is an enclosed laser tag inflatable 30 foot diameter red, white and blue in color with obstacles throughout. The second arena is a 30’ x 30’ opened laser tag inflatable with no enclosure. There are obstacles throughout the arenas create opportunities to hide an ambush opponents. With a little bit of strategy, some quick wits and even quicker reflexes. Your team will emerge victorious. It’s a blast for kids 6 to 60. .