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Rock Wall Rentals as low $599

Are you looking for a portable rock climbing wall rental in philly, Delaware, or philly? You've found Philly Climbing Wall - your source for a safe and fun rock wall rentals.

Our mountain climb wall is the king of mountain climb walls! Philly Rockwalls has the most innovative climbing structure that allows childern and adults of all ages to have a fun and safe climbing experience. It feels like a real rock climb, even though its a rock climb wall. Philly Rock Wall is one of the top portable rock climbing companies on the East Coast. If you're looking for a mountain climb wall rental, you have found the right rental facility. Fun is our buisiness- we provide smiles and adventures to ALL our customers with our outdoor mobile wall. Always make sure your rock climbing rental is fully insured and inspected- ours is.


Making your next event unforgettable.


Our 24 foot PORTABLE CLIMBING ROCKWALLS are instantly the center of any Party, Event or Fundraiser. We offer a more interactive experience than inflatable party rentals. It only takes a moment for a crowd of onlookers to gather and our climbing walls are not too intimidating, but are high enough for a fun and experience challenge.


  1. Elementary Schools
    Company picnics
    High Schools
    Corporate events
    Fire Departments


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